Equipment Demonstrations from Tartan Supply

Tartan Supply can train you on how to use your floor care equipment, no matter the brand or machine type. Whether you have purchased your own equipment, or you are renting, we are here to help. Please call us to schedule your demonstration.
Thank you!

Special Cleaning and Sanitizing programs

Tartan Supply offers the following Specialty Cleaning & Sanitizing Programs:

Meat room
Commercial Kitchen

General Topics include:

Hard Floor Sealing & Finishing
Carpet Care
Gym Floor Sealing
Concrete Sealing
- Clear epoxy
- Tinted epoxy

Tartan Supply Cleaning Techniques

When you buy a product from us, you should feel comfortable knowing how to properly use it. We will gladly demonstrate how to use any product you would like more information on and even train your staff on how to properly use it. And that is just one reason to buy from Tartan Supply! We have provided some links to helpful YouTube Videos below.

10 Steps to Cleaning Hard Wood Floors with Sport Kote

How to use the Victory Innovations – Backpack Electrostatic Sprayer

How to use the Victory Innovations – Handheld Sprayer

How to Operate the Tennant I-Mop XL Scrubber

Arsenal One by Hillyard – Dilution Control Simplified

Affinity Skin Care System by Hillyard

Trident Microfiber Cleaning Overview

Disinfecting with the Hillyard Trident S1HH Disinfectant Sprayer